Monday, December 2, 2013

Just wait one moment, November!

Romy & I kept ourselves busy throughout November, and without even having time to plan a 'what we did this month' type post, November closed up shop until next year. Time really does fly by when you're having fun! I started this month off with my first night away from Romy when I visited my cousin in Sydney for the night. It was hard being away from my little darling, but it was also a delightful evening catching up with my cousin. While I was in Sydney we had Indian for dinner and my cousin Jay doesn't eat rice with his so I tried it out too and I can't even believe I've been wasting so many good Indian meals mixing it with rice! Luke & I only get to eat dinner three nights a week together and we like to plan our weekly meals to make things easier, and Tuesday was our only night that we hadn't designated a dish. After this, we made Tuesday evenings our 'Indian nights'.

Romy had her first plane ride this month when we went to the Gold Coast to visit some of my family for my cousin's baby's first birthday and we all had a family Christmas dinner as we all won't be together this year. It was really lovely, and Romy LOVED being around so many people. I have an incredibly lovely family, and when we are all together so much is happening that we sometimes forget to stop and take pictures of the lovely moments we share together. That is why we are so lucky to have such a beautiful lady in our family Rikki, who takes the most delicately splendid photographs. She shared our weekend over on her business blog. Late last year I drew a custom illustration for her logo, you should check it out! And speaking of illustrations, last week I drew a custom illustration of a sweet little dachshund for Felicity's blog & website design business

Also this month my oldest friend Lara came to visit us to meet Romy for the first time, which was super duper exciting! Lara & I grew up in Gunnedah together, and rekindled our friendship when we randomly crossed paths in Newcastle a few years ago. Lara took some really sweet snaps of Romy & I on her fancy camera and it really got me thinking that I really really need to invest in a good camera and stop relying on my iPhone as the photos can be really grainy. When I visited my friend Ali & her baby boy Xander during the week we took a couple of iPhone snaps of us all together and they were really grainy unfortunately which only made me want/need an actual camera that much more, so that is one of the first things I need to save for in the New Year. 

During the month I also posted about four simple goals that I wanted to work on for the remaining weeks of the year and one of the priorities on the list was doing a couple of Romy's Firsts, which we did during November. The main 'first' I was focused on though was taking Romy on her first picnic, and this week we broke her picnic seal with our friends Renee & her baby boy Oscar. And they loved being out of their prams on the ground rolling around with each other. It was the only really nice day this week & so I'm glad we were able to spend it outside. I also made a start on a couple of my other 'simple goals' but I'm going to share those in the next week or so. So many lovely things happened in November, I can't wait to get stuck into a couple of our December projects and get into Christmas mode, starting with putting our first Christmas tree up!

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  1. Love the photos of Romy on Rikki's blog! Her logo is awesome too. :)



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