Friday, December 6, 2013

Four Simple Goals: Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Last month I posted about my four simple goals before 2014, and one of those goals was to step outside my comfort zone a little more. And one way in which I feel I have started to do so is with my recent dress purchases. I normally stick to knee length t-shirt style dresses with stockings and flats, but I wanted to get more wear out of my salt water sandals and the only way to do that was to ditch my stockings. So I started looking for different styles of dresses and eventually came across these long, cap sleeved smocks at a no name (literally, the shop doesn't have a sign) dress shop across from a cafe Luke & I go to, and snapped up three of them! They're ankle length sack style smock dresses that go perfectly with my sandals and are a quick and easy dress choice in the mornings. This sort of dress is something I would secretly covet, but not actually buy, so by purchasing three I think I have well and truly stepped out of my comfort zone! One goal achieved!

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