Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Tuesday Night Trip To The E.D

On Tuesday night Luke & I were just sitting down to have dinner when we heard an odd coughing sound coming from upstairs. We raced up to Romy's room to find her in a pool of vomit, something I hope to never see again. She was really scared and upset, but after we gave her reassuring hugs & a bath to clean her up she seemed fine. She was even checking herself out in the bathroom mirror like she usually does, and was laughing. Not long after we settled her and she fell asleep in Luke's arms was she woken up by another intense bout of spewing. We cleaned her up as quick as we could, put her in a onesie and drove to the hospital to have her checked out. Even though she seemed fine Luke & I were both really rattled by seeing her face down in her vomit, and wanted to be on the safe side of things. As soon as we got her out of the car at the hospital she was fine! Sitting in the waiting room amongst people with serious injuries, Romy decided to test out her new fake laugh. I think she was most excited to one, be around lots of new people, and two, to be having a late night adventure. When she was in the paediatrician ward under observation she was having the best time talking and laughing, and with so many other obviously sick patients around we felt like we were wasting a bed. After some electrolytes and an examination we were good to go. We had a follow up phone call the next morning to let us know that her test results didn't show anything serious and it was most likely a 24-hour viral bug that is going around in the area. All in all, it was the preferred kind of late night hospital visit, and we're extremely lucky to have a healthy child!

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