Monday, December 16, 2013


 My Mum & I have our birthdays two days apart so we went for birthday brunch with my sister in Newcastle
Romy & I went to a baby crafternoon with our friends Renee & Oscar in Parramatta
Romy opened some of her first Christmas presents
and got to spend some time with her friend Xander
Luke's family came to visit
and we exchanged Christmas presents

Romy has been loving the festive season with all this present opening business. She has already received so many lovely gifts, and has especially been enjoying the wrapping paper. I can't wait to go back to Gunnedah for Christmas this year so she can be around our family as she loves being around lots of people. We have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks that I only realised today just how soon Christmas actually is! I've been really excited about the end of the year, but that excitement is now starting to become end of year anxiety. I'm going to feel a lot better when we finish up the last of our shopping tomorrow.

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