Saturday, December 28, 2013

Romy's First Christmas (in a nutshell)

Monday afternoon we drove to Gunnedah
Romy woke up to different bed buddies
We visited Kristal & Elsie for morning tea
Romy helped out making rum balls on Christmas Eve
A family dinner & cocktails out at my cousins super cute farm house. Lots of cocktails.
Christmas morning opening presents with Uncle Al & Aunty Ash
I received this amazing mermaid brooch
Almost everyone in my family has a pair of Salt Water Sandals 
Christmas selfies
Christmas part 2 with Luke (he had to stay back & work on Christmas day #boo)
Romy Bear with her new Care Bears
Romy's first Christmas was wonderful! We went back to Gunnedah, a small country town where I was born and grew up. Most of my family still live there, and the cousins that have moved away were home for Christmas. So I got to spend the day with most of my family, which was just the best! We arrived in Gunnedah Monday night & I spent the evening talking to my Granny. Tuesday morning Romy & I visited an old high school friend and her super cute daughter and we had cups of tea and drooled over all of her lovely things. After our visit we went back to my Granny's house to make rum balls, and then we had a family dinner with my family that live a little bit out of town in this really amazing farm house. They have the most impressive bar cart you have ever seen, and we had lots of cocktails. We also spilled lots of cocktails! I woke up on Christmas morning feeling slightly unwell, but watching Romy enjoy her first Christmas morning opening presents distracted me until my teeny tiny hangover passed. We did the Christmas visiting rounds before we went to my Aunty's for our family Christmas dinner. After a few days away I'm generally keen to get back to my routine and own space, but I was a little sad to leave Gunnedah and my family this time around because we had such a wonderful time together!

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  1. looks like a great christmas!


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