Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's In My Bag

I recently purchased a bigger style tote side bag so I had extra room to carry some of Romy's things around. Now that she is getting bigger a nappy and a couple of wipes just won't cut it anymore. Now I find myself carrying around spare socks, little booties, a toy butterfly shaker, a face cloth, a pacifier, hand + face wipes and baby sunscreen. When we're just making quick trips I chuck some wipes & a nappy in my bag also, but for longer trips I have a separate zip up bag with all the baby changing equipment needed that fits in my bag nicely. Things also in my bag are my iPhone, wallet, pocket mirror, Burt's Bees & Say Yes To Carrots mint lip balms, usb stick, nail file, nurofen, hair bands, sunglasses, a pen, hand sanitizer, migrastick, chewy, keys, coin purse, Natural Instinct sunscreen & a teething necklace.

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