Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sets-Of-Things Anxiety

Many moons ago I couldn't stand the idea of not having a set of plates all the same. In one instance, Luke broke a plate out of one of our dinner sets that I couldn't replace, so I replaced the whole set because it did my head in. Things like that used to really bother me unnecessarily. And it wasn't until our last move that I started to ease up after I developed a case of the dropsies during my pregnancy. I don't like to make changes to our dinning wares unless we're moving or changing absolutely everything up in our house, and a couple of months ago Luke & I decided to do both. When we moved into our current house we decided we wanted to fill our house with lots of mis matching things with pops of colour. Ordinarily Luke likes wooden furniture, and I like all white things so our compromise was colours and it has been a lot easier on all fronts. I don't need to over think purchases and take 15 minutes to decide whether our place mats will match our dinning set, or get sets-of-things anxiety about a plate breaking. I received lots of neat little side plates from long forgotten tea sets that my sister picked up at op-shops for my baby shower earlier in the year. Its nice having things like pizza and toast off dainty floral plates everyday. When I have finished a couple of other illustrative and nesting projects I intend on adding to my collection.

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  1. So lovely! Maybe this will inspire me to get over my matching obsession!


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