Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So Long, September

This month Luke & I got a lot of things done. We kept busy with dinner dates, we went out for the first time together in ages and saw our friends band for the first time. Now that the weather has started to warm up we made our first batch of ice tea, and made more of an effort to cook all components of our meals like stocks and sauces. And we made a cheese burger inspired pizza and discovered it is our favourite pizza topping, it is best served with grown up ginger beer! Lots of changes happened on the Romy front, she hit the 5 month mark which completely happened without us noticing. She grew out of her infant car seat + carrier and started using her first car seat - that she loves. We're pretty lucky to have  a baby that doesn't mind travelling in the car. Romy also started solids this month, we started her on a mixture of blueberries, banana, avocado and grapes. Our next step is vegetables, hopefully that is an even smoother transition into this food business for her. Not only was Romy babysat for the first time by our friend Sarah, but she was babysat for an entire day by my sister so I could do a fill in shift at my old work. It was really weird being away from her for an extended period of time, I missed her for the first time!

This month we went to the markets almost every weekend, which was fantastic as going to the markets on a weekend morning is my ideal way of spending the weekend. I've previously always, always worked Saturday mornings for as long as I can remember, and now that I am in the stay at home club, Saturday mornings are my oyster! One of our market trips was at the farmers market in Newcastle with my sister Ashleigh, and bro-in-law Allan. And another was spent with my friend Ally, who I studied design with. It was especially fun going to the markets with Ally because she appreciates good design too and likes to talk about it in length. Luke can only talk about throw cushions for so long! Something else we did this month was finally getting around to sanding back our antique tea cart, fixing the broken shelf and painting that bad boy a dark blue. It has been on our 'project nest' list for the past six months, so we're both pretty excited to not only have it fixed and snazzed up, but it serves a practical purpose as our record player stand. I drank a lot of late afternoon coffees and found myself getting a lot done around the house. I feel as though both Luke & I got a lot done this month and put some positive changes in place. See you next year September!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great month! Hopefully October will be just as productive. :)


  2. hey dear! i just really love your blog! it's so cute!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Hong Kong :*



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