Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Monthly Agenda / October

This month I have decided to re-read 'Valley Of The Dolls', which has been my favourite novel since I was 15. The very first time I read it I was so distraught with the ending, especially the very last page, I didn't go to school the following day I felt so sad about it. I was so excited by the characters and the storyline as it was unlike any sort of book I had read before, & I invested a lot of interest in it. So when Anne sat quietly in the dark, I was really disappointed. My perspective on most things has changed a lot in the last decade, so this time around I might get a different perspective. 

The last couple of weeks Luke & I have been re-arranging things around our house and making little touches to certain spaces and it really gives the whole house a freshen up. I added an Ecoya 'sweet pea & jasmine' candle yesterday to our kitchen space & it is so delightful! I've been especially keen on candles lately, I hope it doesn't get to the 'cat lady stage' of liking something though! 


  1. I've never read Valley of the Dolls! Always wanted to though. Great things for October. :)


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