Friday, October 11, 2013

Fancy Folk (Feature Finale) / MERMAIDENS

Have you met Kailey?
If you haven't you're missing out! She is the pastel loving cute girl that blogs over at Mermaidens about mermaids, her personal style & favourite films. 
Have you crossed anything of your 2013 to-do-list?
I do actually have a super exciting, top secret project in the works for 2014 - can't wait to blab all about it!

Describe your style
Playful, pastel, and ever changing!

What would your menu be for a dinner party that you're hosting?
Ooh an excellent question! Maybe some sort of decadent fettuccine alfredo pasta with fruit and a bunch of different ice cream flavors for dessert!

If you were a cat who would you follow all day in the hope that they would look after you?
Nicki Minaj - no question!

Your perfect day would be..
Filled with delicious breakfast food, prancing around with my friends at Sephora and MAC, playing with kitties, and watching a movie with my family <3

>> The busy time of year is fast approaching,
so 'Fancy Folk' will be having a break.
Thank you to all of the fancy bloggers that featured
over the last couple of months. 


  1. Pastels are definitely some of my favorite colors!Checking out her blog.

    1. I love pastels, but I love bold colour blocking a little bit more until I browse Kailey's outfit posts!


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