Friday, October 18, 2013

Top 5 / TV Shows I'm Currently Watching

Last month I shared my first top five post listing my favourite albums, and this time around my top five tv shows that I'm currently watching. 
Pretty Little Liars / When PLL came out it replaced my Gossip Girl void when I started to lose interest after the tenth war between B & S, and gladly so! If you haven't given PLL's a go, you should defo check it out! It is a little tacky at first, but once you get used to that aspect of the show, the rest of it is quite interesting and more importantly the main characters have killer wardrobes! I'm getting super excited for when the Halloween episode special airs next week, especially to see how Ezra found himself in the A lair. I refused to believe he is on the A team, let a lone Big A. I think Big A is Wren. If you watch it, what do you think?

How I Met Your Mother / Are you as glad as I am to finally get to the freaking end of Ted's story?! So far the season has been quite frustrating circumstantially, but the main characters are dramatic story tellers so it is kind of a given. The season highlight so far for me was in 'The Broken Code' when Robin tries to get along with other women to prove to Lily that she likes other women besides her. And when Lily meets The Mother on the train and they share a couple of 'some bitches' together!

The Bachelor / I initially hated the concept of The Bachelor until I actually watched it with my full attention. Those damn re-runs caught me out a couple of Saturday's ago while I was trying to settle Romy to sleep and ever since I've just been really into it! There are so many 'I can't believe these girls are carrying on like this' moments for it to not be so distastefully pleasing. I'm looking forward to this weeks episodes now that Penny has gone back to her home on desperate island. 

Wonderland / When the previews came on for this new show I was keen to check it out and all of the hype killed it for me when I actually saw the first episode, and missed the following few episodes after that. They were a couple of re-runs during the week that I caught and picked up the rest for the ads throughout the week for me to get interested in again and I gave it another go. I like that it has a similar vibe to 'The Secret Life Of Us', which was such a great Australian drama. 

Beverly Hills 90210 / Now that Romy has been napping more seriously during the day I use that time to have a coffee and just only do one thing, and that one thing this week has been picking up where Luke & I left off over a year ago and with the old school Beverly Hills 90210 season three. We endeavoured to watch the entire series together, but the first couple of seasons weren't fast paced enough for Luke and not enough Dylan story lines for his liking so he lost interest. And I held out for so long in the hopes he might change his mind, but that clearly wasn't going to happen so this week I dusted off season three and fell back into the dramatic West Beverly whirlwind! 

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  1. I completely agree with you that watching HIMYM has become very tedious. I still watch it each week, but every time I do I complain about how much I hate it haha. I've also been a bit disappointed with Wonderland, but might give it another go when I finish the shows I'm already watching.

    Also, Pretty Little Liars is definitely going onto my must watch list. :)

    Totally just stole this post idea for my blog by the way. :P



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