Friday, August 16, 2013

Fancy Folk / My Life As A Teacup

Have you crossed anything off your 2013 to-do-list?
Quite a bit actually - I went to a blog conference, which I've been dying to do; I just signed up for my first 5K after finally getting into the habit of working out regularly; I'm in the process of learning French; and I've been taking steps to make my blog more of what I love; amongst other things :) Overall, I'm pretty pleased with what I've accomplished so far this year! Then again, as soon as I cross something off, another task, goal, or to do takes it's place. I'm in a perpetual state of doing (which, I'm not so sure I'm happy about, to be honest!)

Describe your style
Classic and comfortable more or less governs my style, with lots of flowy fabrics, cozy cardigans, and timeless mauves, navy, and grey that all look somewhat librarian chic. I do, however, have a penchant for pairing girly, twirly dresses with apocalyptic-ready buckled boots. A friend of mine once described it as "punk rock ballerina", though I admit, I have to inject some more edginess into my style to live up to that claim.

What would your menu be for a dinner party that you're hosting?
Is it weird that I actually have this jotted down for just the occasion? Baked Brie for starters, and wine - lots! Walnut-crusted halibut and a simple yet rich mushroom orzo. Not to mention coffee, tea, and cinnamon pear dumplings for after dinner :)

If you were a cat who would you follow all day in the hope that they would look after you?
As much as I would love to rove about and attempt to locate lost superheroes a la Luna from Sailor Moon, I would very much like to find someone who is, quite simply, kind. Whether human of cat, I need to pal around with someone who's willing to cuddle and slip me snacks every now and then, but will respect my alone time and not coddle me to death.

Your perfect day would be.. 
a slightly chilly autumn day with the rain drizzling outside. Lots of blankets, books, and vanilla tea would be involved as I curl up inside the fluffiest sweater imaginable while inside my blanket fort. And maybe I'd invite my DS into my fort for some quality Pokemon time :)

>> Make yourself a cup of tea
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  1. i've always wanted to go to a blogger's conference! any tips on finding one/choosing one near you? i feel like it would help so much!

  2. Hi Taylor!

    As far as finding conferences go, I was pretty limited just due to my location. There's not too many of note in my area, but I'm close to some major cities - NYC, Boston, Philly, etc. - that it was just a matter of where I wanted to travel to/how much a plane ticket cost!

    Content-wise, I really didn't have any idea what even to look for, but I had been following Gala's blog since before I could remember. Gala, Shauna, and Kat have really unique personalities, so I knew that, whatever they were teaching, they had a lot of combined and varied expertise to share (in a glittery manner!). Looking back, try to find out whether the conference is more geared towards new bloggers or seasoned vets (which can make a huge difference!), if there are particular panels or workshops you're interested in (The Blogcademy didn't have this flexibility due to its small size, but primarily focused on branding and monetization), and how intimate or big a conference you'd like to be a part of.

    Hope this helps a bit!


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