Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Reading: "The Beautiful & Damned" by F.Scott Fitzgerald. I haven't read enough yet to say whether I love it or not. It has been on my to-read list for some time and is the first book I've read on my Kindle. I received my Kindle last year for my birthday and only just set it up this week! I've just kept putting off setting it up because I haven't really had the time in the past ten or so months to set time aside for reading. But I would like to try and read a couple of books before the end of the year and I think the Kindle is going to make it more exciting!

Watching: Luke & I have just finished up watching"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". We have been watching the box sets for the past month and a half and we're pretty devastated we're finished. However much to our delight we caught one of the new episodes on tv last night. I've also been pretty sweet on "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" lately and make a point to watch it every night that it is on tv. I'm beginning to think investing in the box set might be a good idea. 

Listening to: Veruca Salt's first two albums - "Eight Arms To Hold You" & "American Thighs". I fell in love with Veruca Salt in early high school and have always loved them (I was super forgiving for their last album "IV"). One of my best friends is a pretty big VS fan and I remember reading the VS forum in high school and noticed his  comments. And 5 years after that we actually met up in Newcastle and became really good friends and bonded over 90's girl grunge and wine.

Thinking about: baby stuff. And more baby stuff. I feel as though I didn't have enough time to prepare for this teething phase, which ultimately means she'll be needing to use them soon. And starting her on solids is a whole other sphere of anxiety! I am looking forward to going to the solids eating Mothers group in a few months to hear what other mothers are doing.

Working on: my blog. While I was pregnant I really didn't have the focus to put a lot of myself into my blog and was busy working. Now that I'm home a lot more and Romy has started to get serious about her night sleeps, I have some time to myself to catch up things around the house, watch movies, lose track of time on pinterest and blog. I implemented blog planning the past two months and have felt differently about this whole blogging hobby. I enjoy it a lot more and have been way more inspired to be creative in other avenues aside from blogging. 

Loving: These Collet Jersey Dresses from Cotton On. When I find a dress I love the style of, I generally buy it in a few colours. For this dress in particular I bought it in blue, white with thin stripes, black, and black & white stripes. I really need to learn how to sew so I could solve a lot of my own problems!

Anticipating: the next bright and sunny day off with Luke so we can take Romy for a picnic by the lake. Romy really loves being out in the fresh air and loves to stare at the trees and take everything in. And now that the weather is starting to take a definite turn here on the coast, the days are becoming quite warm and it is pleasant to be outside. Which means Summer really is not far away!

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