Sunday, August 4, 2013

How Was Your Week?

This week has gone especially fast. Luke has Sunday evening, Monday & Tuesdays as his days off so I generally dread Wednesdays and start looking forward to Sunday afternoon instantly. And this week those few days in between went by so quick. On Wednesday Romy & I rented weekly dvds & stayed at home together, and Thursday we ran a couple of errands and were out and about all day. We had visitors all day Friday & Saturday, and had really unsettled nights due to a beginners case of teething. Today was a little better after a few drops of Infants Friend, a lavender oil bath & an afternoon walk in the sun. We settled The Bear just in time for our Sunday pizza and movie night ritual. How was your week?


  1. Oh no teething! That poor baby, I hope that you get lots of rest and that she makes it through with minimal pain. My week has been JET LAG filled since I just got back from being abroad, hooray. ;)

    1. Oh, jet lag does not sound fun at all. At least when you're feeling better you can look through all your photos from your adventures!


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