Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Five Useless Things About Me

I'm a list maker. I make them about lots of things, I even make lists about making lists. I get a little list making high and just keep going! Rather than count sheep or count backwards when trying to get to sleep, I'll go through the next days to-do-list in my mind to help me ease into sleep. 

I own almost all of Jackie Collins' books. After I read Valley Of The Dolls when I was 15 my Mum suggested I try reading some Jackie Collins. We went to a second hand book store together and I picked up Hollywood Wives & Rockstar and fell in love with her novels! I know they're tacky, but I love how involved they are, and how she always has three of four different stories going on that make sense as they all come together in the end. Do not even get me started on Gino Santangelo!

I'm scared of snakes. Not the common scared of snakes type scared, the type where every single time I go to the toilet I think about them scared. When my Sister & I were younger there was a story on the news about a little boy finding a snake in his toilet and ever since then I've thought about it every time I need to pee. There have been a few times that I've given myself a panic attack because I was sure there was one in the toilet. I wish I was kidding.

I am one of those disgusting people that likes pimples. It drives my husband crazy! If he has a pimple on his face, or anywhere I can see, I will not be able to focus on our conversations until its gone and we've spoken about it. If I'm waiting for something in my car, or can't sleep, I will watch pimple/blackhead pore strip/abscess videos on youtube. It is a disgusting fascination that I share with a couple of my cousins, and when we have weekends away together it is a hot topic much to my sisters dismay. 

I take hanging clothes on the line way too seriously. If Luke helps out with the washing I can't watch him do it because he doesn't use the same coloured pegs on each item, or keep the clothes in their groups. I keep all the smalls together, the shirts together based on their style and if their mine or Luke's, and need all the pegs to be the same colour on each row. I especially like to fuss over and hang out Romy's little clothes. I end up adding extra time on this mundane task, but now that I'm a SAHM its okay!


  1. i kinda love pimples too. lol.


  2. I love hanging my washing out, I thought I was the only one!
    PS Blogger, Beauty Addict!

  3. Oh man, you're a 'popper' too! Hahaha.

    I was just talking to some friends today about how hanging laundry on the line outside is prohibited by some cities by-laws because it's an eye-sore. Can you believe it?! How obnoxious, especially when one of the towns we were talking about is so hideous to begin with :P

    I just found your blog, figure I'd drop you a line and add you to my reading list :) I'm just starting up my blog and I really like yours!

  4. I'm a list maker and pimple popper too, haha! Although I'm getting better at not popping other people's pimples. :P


  5. i LOVE pimple popping. every once in a while i get a really deep blackhead that will last for months. but once it's ready to pop it will be like an inch long worm that comes out. yes, that is way too much info. and it makes it sound like i have a greasy pizza face. but i don't. i just get a little too excited about my insane blackheads. :)

  6. Ha! Birds of a feather flock together. I'm with ya on the clothesline! Totally. Even posted about it a month ago here-http://www.frommyhearthtoyours.com/2013/07/on-line.html

    RIght on, sista!

  7. I have fears like that snake thing too. Like I watched this CSI episode maybe five years ago where this girl was about to bash someone's head in with a hammer while they were asleep, and now almost every time I try to go to sleep, I feel like someone is hovering above me with a hammer. Let's just say I absolutely can NOT sleep by myself.


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