Friday, August 30, 2013

Everyday Products

The above handful of products are what I use on a daily basis. I'm not very big on using lots of different products, I'm pretty minimalistic and like to use the bare minimum. So much so that when I saw Trilogy's 'Everything Balm' I was immediately drawn to it because if I can use it for everything & cut down the need for other products, why would I not like it! It is great for all kinds of things like dry skin, rashes, burns and chapped lips. I try to avoid products with all those nasty harsh chemicals, but am not completely unrealistic about it. The Kora Organics range is great for those who are strict about what goes onto their bodies, and their products actually work. My favourite products from the Kora range are the hydrating mask and the blemish gel. With these products a little bit goes a long way so you don't have to use copious amounts to see results.

My favourite product that I use daily is The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. My sister used to buy it for her husband's mechanic grease stained hands, and suggested I buy it for Luke's kitchen damaged hands. And I started to use it also and was hooked. I sometimes get these weird little bumps on my hands that I have no idea what from, and when they come up every so often, this cream gets rid of them almost instantly. What are some of your everyday products?


  1. I've been dying to try Kora!!!

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  2. I use the Body Shop almond oil hand cream and swear by it -- I have such dry skin and it works magic. I haven't tried the hemp one but I'm curious, I may switch it up next time. I also swear by St. Ives stuff for my face. Have used it since I was 16.

  3. I love the hemp hand cream!! Its so good, even when I get the occasional spot or something I put a tiny bit on and it helps as well! :)


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