Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh, Hello Spring!

[Photo by Mari Crea / Type by me]
Today was one of the busiest Saturday's I've had at work in a couple of months. It was such a beautiful day with the sun out, the markets on and lovely people everywhere. It would have been a fantastic day to be sourcing fresh produce at the local markets along the boardwalk in the sun and reading magazines over coffee. But alas, I was on the other side of things. When the morning began to pick up and we started to get busy, a customer commented how it was the first day of spring, and it took me by surprise. The past week or so I've been keeping busy finishing off an illustration and logo design that I completely forgot to get the last good wears out of my winter dresses! It hardly feels like winter was here at all this year it flew by so quickly! As much as I love winter, I think that spring is my new favourite time of year. Luke & I have been casually trying to rid our spare room of unnecessary things we've been carting around from house to house over the past couple of years to make the room a more practical space. I'm almost positive my clothes collection needs a good spring clean to make room for some new season dresses too! I also put up my new sponsor swap buttons for September, make sure you visit some of these fancy ladies and say hello!


  1. gorgeous photo!

  2. 'It hardly feels like winter was here at all this year it flew by so quickly!' clearly written by someone not living in Victoria!!! Winter has well and truly outstayed it's welcome this year to the point I had to buy new jeans and a cardi the other day because I've basically worn mine out!
    Spring is definitely better than winter, I'm hoping it arrives down here sometime soon!
    Good luck with all the spring cleaning, both the room and the wardrobe!

    1. I can only imagine how cold it would be there! I've only been to Victoria once and it was during July and I nearly lost my nipples it was that cold!!

    2. Hahahahaha "I nearly lost my nipples"
      I. Am. Dying!!!


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