Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Working Together

A couple of weeks ago Luke left the restaurant he was working at to explore different options and has been working at the cafe where I work for the past couple of weeks. Which has been such a great change considering we actually get to see each other now! Before where Luke was working he would work all day, and finish in the evenings sometimes just before 11pm. Aside from a rushed break in the afternoon, we only got to spend time together if I stayed up late to see him after work which was becoming a problem as I start work early. Or Sunday evenings when his restaurant was closed. Our days off always fell on different days, and until recently we hadn't spent a full day together in three months. And this has been our routine for the past couple of years. Having him home in the evenings has been a delightful adjustment, and I now actually get to enjoy the benefits of having a chef as a husband! 


  1. Aww! That's wonderful that you guys get to spend more time together now. My husband was a chef and it was always hard not having the same days off and him working late. Now we both have M-F 9-5 jobs and it's so much better!

  2. So cute!! I used to work with one of my boyfriends and it was super fun :)

    Morgue x

  3. Great news! I'm happy y'all can enjoy each other's company in a more 'normal' schedule now. :) My husband and I had to endure the same type of thing when we were in the military. I was always working a crazy schedule in my squadron and felt like I only ever saw him on my weekends, which weren't Saturdays and Sundays. It sucked.
    I'm sure you'll be indulging in lots of yummy foodies!! That's always a great thing!

  4. Awwww how neat!!! Will it be a semi-permanent thing?

  5. woooooo. so exciting. and refreshing.


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