Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Wrong Side Of The Bed

I can actually count on one hand how many Saturday's Luke & I have spent together in the four years we've been little lovers. And today was one of them. We had a lovely morning together until we left the house to begin our day. Deciding to stay in bed reading books rather than making an early start, we left ourselves little time to have breakfast before our lunch date with my family. So we popped over to one of the cafes near our house and had our morning coffees in the sun. As we were about to leave for lunch I got a text with a delay in our plans, so Luke & I made our way to Bunnings instead to replace our abnormal hoop-like kitchen light - which was not in stock. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but I was already in a bad mood, and everything on the coast is spread so far apart that completing a menial task can take an hour. So we will be without a kitchen light until Monday, which I am just thrilled about!

In an attempt to cheer me up Luke suggested we go to Jb HiFi and see if they had 'Secretary' so we could buy. And not to my surprise it wasn't in stock there, or any other store we went to. I also couldn't find a single black simple t-shirt to wear to work. Anywhere. Nor could I find anything else I was looking for. It just seemed to be one of those shopping days, not to mention the chaotic Saturday shoppers! Being blocked in stores and having to dodge somebody every couple of steps is truly exhausting when you're in a bad mood. However, the universe did reserve a little luck for me in the form of a cat brooch! 

On our way home we called into the supermarket and I mentioned to Luke that the only thing that would cheer me up would be smiley fries, and even they weren't there! After that I was just ready to go home and bury my brain in a book. But before I could my nose decided to start bleeding uncontrollably! And all I could really do was laugh, because when I was little other kids in my classes always had bleeding noses and I was so jealous of their discomfort. And now at 23 I get my first nose bleed, and it is far from glamourous. It's safe to say that I will have no hesitations climbing into bed this evening!


  1. You poor thing, especially on the nose bleed. I hope you are feeling a lot better now!

  2. aw I'm so so sorry! Those are THE worst days! :( Hope you're feeling better now!

  3. Aw. What a day! Sorry to hear that everything went sideways. I hope the evening turned out to be a bit more relaxing. I send delicious tea and a cozy bed your way. Take it easy. xx

  4. What a day! Geez! Haha and why were you jealous over nose bleeds? Such a funny thing to be envious of. haha :) Welp, you got yours! I've never had one myself and have only been curious as to what they feel like. They look painless. I remember my brother having one on the first day of school and it sort of looked like blood just flowing out. The only part that looked inconvenient was keeping it from staining his shirt. Like I said, I'm just curious if it feels like anything other than a runny nose, but with blood. haha
    Also, I had never heard of smiley fries, nor seen them. They're cute!
    I hope you don't have many more 'wrong side of the bed' days. :)

  5. I LOVE those smiling they make me happy! Also got a giveaway going on, if you'd like to enter.

  6. nose bleeds suck! i got them all the time my freshman year in college living in the dry dorm air. but ugh - not a fun day. hope it get better!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. Aww man, that sucks! I hate having those sorts of days! :(
    But YAY for sleep ins! :D


  8. Oh man, I hate those days when nothing seems to go your way!

    And I could really go for some smiley fries right about now...

    Melissa @ Melicious


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