Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Quick Spring Picnic

Luke & I had such a perfect little day together on Monday. We were dressed, ready and out the door relatively early (for a day off) so we could have a little breakfast date at Lotus cafe. We've been meaning to cross that cafe off our list for some time, and now we can and know not to go back. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't what we were into. The food was lovely and super quick, so quick we received it within 5 minutes or ordering, but the coffee tasted a little stale as though the beans had been ground weeks before or something. After breakfast we went to some furniture stores in search of a decorative sitting chair. Our flat is really small, but we've come up with a way to change it up so we can fit a cute chair in. Our last stop was Freedom where we found the perfect lemongrass coloured chair. I never think to go into Freedom because it always looks a little too pretentious and expensive, but their current stock is just perfect. My sister is also in the process of redecorating so I'm hoping she'll go there to so the things I can't fit in my current flat, she might get for herself!

Once we found what we were looking for, we did a quick grocery shop, banked two months worth of coin collecting, did a quick tidy up and washed some clothes. Once all that was out of the way we packed some sandwiches + fruit, grabbed some coffees and went on a little picnic! We found the perfect little nook in the park to lay our picnic rug down and play cards on. The few times Luke & I have had days off together throughout the year, it's either rained or we've had to do other things and our picnics have been put on hold. So it was just the loveliest afternoon to be out in the park, laying down in the sun. 

When we came home we decided to do some baking together, and we made the most delightful hazelnut cake. I'm going to post the recipe soon, because it would be absolutely selfish of me not to! And we finished our day off with some lasagne Luke made while I finished up on an illustration. It was extra delicious because my boss picked me a huge bunch of home grown organic silver beet from her veggie patch! 


  1. Sounds like the perfect day, I'm so glad spring is here, perfect picnic weather

  2. looks so much fun! :)

    i miss going to the park! the sun was merciless all summer so we couldn't enjoy the outdoors that much.

    1. I probably won't be out in the sun for summer, it gets wayyyy too hot here!

  3. Glad you had such a good day together! I haven't been on a picnic in ages...may have to bring that up to my fiance :P

  4. I want to eat everything on the plate in the first picture.

    seriously, gimmie.

  5. What a lovely day you two had :] The food looks and sounds so yummy - definitely want the cake recipe. Aaaaand the lemongrass chair is beautiful!!

  6. I love that you had a picnic! I've been trying to drag a friend and the hubby to the park for one, but I may just have to go by myself, which I don't mind either! Sometimes I actually prefer it! -Jessica L


  7. how fun


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