Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bed Time Stories / Surfing Cats

On request Luke can come up with some pretty funny bed time stories. If I'm having trouble falling asleep he usually sits with me until I reach the land of nod and tells me a bed time story about whatever I like. And one of the things I like most is cats! Last night Luke told me a little tale about a mother cat who lived in the bush with her four kittens. They all lived in a little hut and kept busy with little jobs & bush adventures during the day, and napped in the afternoons. The little pack of kittens went on an adventure one day without their Mother and found on the outskirts of the bush, a beach. Each day they discovered more and more of the beach, and they eventually came across some drift wood. Being the adventurous kittens they were, they used the drift wood as surf boards and took to the ocean. The kittens loved their afternoon of surfing and returned back to the family hut to tell their Mother all about their surfing adventures. To their surprise she was not impressed and the kittens were told the beach was off limits. They used afternoon nap time while their Mother was asleep to sneak off to the beach to surf. Their surfing sessions were kept a top secret for many years until their Mother urged them to go out and be their own cats. And their own cats they were! They drifted along the coast surfing all day long!


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