Saturday, August 18, 2012

Delight + Dislike

Big Brother started here in Australia this week, and although I've been watching it, I'm still not sold on it. It feels this time around the show has been given a big wipe over with a PG rated cloth. Which is totally fine because I'm not going to be watching it religiously, but it feels even more put on than the previous years. With Big Brother although the concept remains the same, the ideas that strengthen the shows foundation are what makes you want to keep watching it into a new series. And the ideas already put forth this year really are not that fascinating or unique. So far the housemates have been sitting around making assumptions about one another and giving back handed compliments. As I get older I'm not really that entertained by grown ups in a bitch circle anymore. Big Brother rant over. Something that I found delightful this week that took me by surprise was Norah Jones' new single 'Miriam'. It is absolutely delightful! I am not a fan of her previous records, but if her new stuff sounds like this I may just consider becoming one. And she is also quite cute rowing in a boat in the film clip singing about a girl she hates. Have a great little weekend!


  1. I'm not sure how to feel about BB either.. I have such fond memories of season one but after that they've all kind of blurred together. I agree this one seems very pg though!

  2. I hate Big Brother, I can't believe they are still making them here!

  3. Hahaha I was 'this' close to auditioning for BB!! I got up the morning of, and found out I didn't qualify because I'm a NZ-er!


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