Thursday, August 2, 2012

Little Lovers In The City

This post is a couple of days late, but I think it'll be okay. Last week Luke & I spent a couple of nights in Sydney as a late celebratory anniversary treat. We both worked on the actual day, and we figured we would post-pone it until later in the month. We caught the train to Sydney late Thursday afternoon, and got stuck in afternoon traffic and got to the station just as our train did. We didn't have any time to buy tickets, and the next train was ages afterwards, so we got on. It was such a stressful hour and a half, I kept thinking at any time we would be fined hundreds of dollars for not buying a ticket. But we got to Sydney without any fines. Because Luke & I are just naturally unorganised people, we didn't actually look up an address for our hotel, but when we walked straight out of the station it was directly opposite. And our luck continued with a free room upgrade when we checked in! After we dropped our bags off in the room, we had some pre drinks and left for Jack White's solo Sydney gig at The Horden Pavilion. It was absolutely amazing, Mr White is just perfect live.

We gave ourselves a gigantic sleep in on Friday and then ventured out for brunch in Surry Hills. We normally flock straight to Newtown, but my sister suggested we visit Surry Hills for a change, and it was a fantastic suggestion! We had brunch at a cute little cafe that had the most delightful organic coffee, looked at so so many delightful stores and then made our way back to central so we could get a train to Newtown. I was determined not to come home without a new dress, and third shop into my mission I found the most delightful violet vintage day dress. I also picked up some new T2 teas and some T2 tea infused jam and a marmalade. We had dinner at Corridor, the same place we had dinner at for our anniversary last year. Only last year we didn't drink as many cocktails! Afterwards we went to see Band Of Skulls at The Factory. It was slightly more enjoyable than the gig the previous night because we were close to the front, and because I'm short that really helps! We had the best evening, Luke particularly because Band Of Skulls is one of his favourite bands. 

Our evening had to end earlier than we would have liked, because we both had to work on the Saturday morning so we made an early morning exit at 5 am. Luke & I haven't spent a couple of days away together alone in such a long time, so it was really lovely to spend some actual time together. Little trips like these are so important, and I can't wait to go on another adventure soon!


  1. great photos!

  2. Ahhh, some of my friends went to the Jack White gig, and they said it was just amazing! I was ALSO in Sydney that night - but unfortunately could attend because I was busy resting up for an internship interview the next day... but I wish I'd gone anyway!

    I heard that 7 Nation Army was AMAZING.

    Melissa @ Melicious

  3. Oh man. I would have been so anxious if I was on that train without a ticket. Good on ya for doing it and making it through unscathed. It sounds like you two had a lovely weekend! I love quick trips with my man, too. It's so nice to just get out of the everyday for a little while.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Which number was this for you lovebirds?
    Jack White is amazing and that's so awesome y'all got to see him in concert! Oh, and that free upgrade in your hotel was super cool!

  5. I love Band of Skulls. I saw the picture and thought, "That's gotta be the girl from Band of Skull." LOL


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