Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello July!

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2014 seems to just be passing me by! It is now officially the middle of the year and I have to shake that 'new year' feeling that I usually cling on to for as long as I can. I spent most of June quite focused working on new illustrations for a side project with a friend, and while I was really inspired with my illustrations I struggled to find/make the time to post on here. And I didn't even feel bad about it. Prior to moving back to Newcastle I was posting quite regularly and putting a lot of my creative energy into blogging and not a lot into drawing or design. So for me, June was spent sorting out my priorities and I'm feeling really positive about it. I don't want to keep saying to myself 'oh, I'll do that later', because later keeps getting pushed back farther and farther. And you know what they say - "it's later than you think". 

This month I want to read two books, draw four illustrations, try out a new dinner recipe, bake a fruit loaf, post three times a week, print photos from the last few months & spruce up our blanket box with a coat of paint. 


  1. I know right, can't believe it's July already! :( Later this month we find out where we'll be moving to next year though, so I guess that's kind of exciting. :P

    Thanks for reminding me to print out photos as well! I desperately need some more photos of Ellie around the place, lol. xx

  2. I think you need to add a 'subscribe via email' widget. I'm so behind with your blog and need it in my inbox!


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