Monday, May 30, 2011

The geese of beverly road

Come be my waitress & serve me tonight
serve me the sky with a big piece of lemon

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Friends

My collection of little friends drawn on illustrator.

The week that was

I guess you could say I had a bit of an alright week. Last Saturday I went shopping with my Sister & Mother for bridesmaid dresses. In the process we had to stop by a warehouse for a mass amount of candle holders, and I sussed out a box of scarves & odds & ends. I found these killer neck bows for sassy femmes. Win. I bought a bunch of them, the one above was the best of the bunch. I also picked up a bag of 200 buttons for $5! One day my collection will look like above. One day...

Work wasn't horrible either. The week went fast, I sold three pages of the magazine, got a new pink stapler, & in my lunch break got a photo of a super dreamy stove top kettle my future stove needs. I've shown Luke - my lovely husband - & he agrees. I mainly took a photo because I have a friend, E (not the drug), & I thought she would be into it. I tried to take a photo about two weeks ago, I even got the store folk to take the kettle down so I could photograph it. However, my phone camera was on a whack setting (that I have since sorted out right & proper) and after I pressed 'capture' it took the photo as I moved my phone away from the kettles. I had to wait until new store folk were in so I could do the process over again.

And to finish the week off I won $25 in a sales staff point competition, and the manager at work rode around the office on a toy unicorn he bought for his daughter. Hopefully this coming week goes just as fast, I have some whiskey to drink with an old friend who I dearly miss.


First post is always the hardest to start.

However, this isn't necessarily my first post. I've had many "first posts". I am a bit of a blog fiend really. I've had at least 5 that I can recall. I think I like their initial directions & cute ambitions in toe. I don't get bored of them, I don't even lose interest. I don't know what happens, (I think I usually make another blog). I am going to (try) stick with my new blog, as I have less obligations this year to focus on. For instance, I am no longer a student. Which seven months after the fact, is slightly depressing. Having the student shield was an awkward comfort I took for granted. I didn't have to explain why I wasn't particularly anywhere. Now I do. Or do I? I think six months is a nice grace period, but come seven - where the frack are you?! If I am not occupying a graphic design position by this time next year (yes, I've given myself an extended grace period), I hear-by declare that I will withdraw my artistic ambitions & learn how to make coffee professionally. I've heard its a serious profession in cities. I like the city, & I can multi-task. It could work!