Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sick Day

I called into work sick on Wednesday because I was super tired, running late, and Luke had the day off & I felt as though I hadn't seen him in forever, so I skipped out on work to have a play date. We had a mega sleep in & went for breakfast at Luke's local haunt, Cafe Macaw. Afterwards, we went searching for animal masks, and found everything but animal masks. We tried on heaps of different costumes & get ups, it was super cute. I found a sleuth party pack that is destined for my collection. We left with an assortment of animal noses that are just as nice.

Bamboo Buddha

Last Saturday two of my lovely friends came to visit, & we went out for coffee & lunch at one of my favourite places on the coast, Bamboo Buddha. It is such a tranquil environment, with a vegetarian menu. You sit outside amongst the fresh air, in this big open paved space with a rain forest setting. It is truly amazing. Despite the business name & above description, it is not a tacky, hippy shake cafe. We spent a few delightful hours there together, & then I wrote them directions & they were on their way. It was such a lovely morning.

(Georgia's absence from our date photography is not a measure of love, she wasn't feeling winter's wrath)

After lunch, I was Newcastle bound once again to have drinks with Ninny. We had an amazing Indian dish, drank punch & whiskey, went to the pub & danced, came home to a bowl of corn relish dip & the comforts of Kyle's bedroom where our night ended. Kyle & Ninny are my favourite people to drink with!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wednesday + Thursday

Wednesday it was mine & Luke's wedding anniversary, two years hurrah! Luke got up early and made me a lovely little breakfast - savory pancakes with scrambled eggs & coffee. It was such a nice way to start my day, especially considering I don't usually have breakfast with Luke. We went to La Costa for dinner, which was really nice, I would definitely recommend dinning there. We got Vegetarian pizza, and cheese gnocchi. After dinner we had vodka drinks & watched 'Angry Boys'. It was a super cute little evening.

And Thursday Luke had the day off also and we went to a 'relaxation yogo' class. It was interesting and super funny. Ju's been going the last couple of months, and this week worked out for us so we went. It was a really small class of four, which was nice. The class was so relaxing, and breathing focused. The last ten minutes of the class we had to lay down and focus our attention and energy onto each part of our bodies as she spoke us through it. As she started to softly speak, one of the others in the class fell asleep!!! I had to use every part of my existence to try and have some self control, which I lack in high quantities. It was the most awkward ten minutes I've had in ages. Girlfriend was snoring! As soon as Luke & I got in the car we lost our shit & burst into laughter. We had Thai for dinner afterwards, I had the most amazing satay vegetables. I'm such a fiend for satay.


My sister is getting married in a couple of weeks and she's having a 'crazy photo booth' thingy where you get dressed up in little costumey get ups, and stand in front of an awesome back drop my friend Elisa made for her wedding. Ju made some mustaches on sticks, that are amazing.

I busted my pirate patch out for the occasion. After we were parading them around it triggered my dormant interest for fingerstaches. And then I got to thinking how I might want one. Luke seems to think its a pretty permanent joke that I might tire of quickly. I just might, but it sure would be a fresh pose for travel snaps, ie fingerstache in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Big Banana, the Taj Mahal or Uluru. I might have to invest in some rub on fingerstache tattoos.

Tea party w/Ninny!

A couple of weeks my bff Ninny and I had a tea party, and she finally got around to giving me our lovely drinking snaps! It was such a lovely evening, as it always is with Ninny.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Delights pt.2

This weekend was quiet a lovely couple of days from a not very nice week.

Friday was a little hectic at work as we were finishing up a competition with prize money, so everyone had hyper spirits and mite. It was actually kind of fun. I came third & picked up a cute $40. My luscious friend Lara was bursting at the seems with gossip & called me mid afternoon to share, which brightened my day considerably. I could go into a whole gourmet gossip session & spill milk on it, but I think thats a little tacky almost. The most important thing though, is that I drove home with the nicest taste in my mouth!

I had a dinner date with Ninny, we had a nice spicy batch of minestrone & baked vegetables & a quick catch up before I had to dash off to pick Lara up from work. We had a cute little sleepover in her new house, with her new little kitten Kernel, some delightful cocktails & a funny drive around Newcastle. In the morning Lara had to clean her old house, and I had breakfast with my friend Elisa, who drips cuteness. We had our date at this new cafe on Darby Street. I thought it was going to be more ridiculous than it was. They had the nicest dinning table that was a bright pastel beach blue with bright red chairs. I've made a mental note for my future dinning set. And afterwards met up with Lara again for coffee.

Afterwards, I made my way home in a tiresome state, and had cups of tea with my sister & Ju. And finally broke in my 'Daria' boxset & finished my Saturday off with a big nap.

Sunday I neglected to sleep in like I really wanted to, and awoke to do washing & have cups of tea with my family. I went to the shops to exchange a plain black skirt, for another plain black skirt, look for a new handbag, and spend more money I should be saving. I found a bag that is just right, but might be a little too small. But I think that could also be a win as I tend to let my bag house unnecessary things, eg. paper toilet seat covers. I finalllllly got myself a much needed pirate patch! At last I lashed out and picked one up for a whole dollar! And, a zebra face mask!! I'm going through a mask (literally, not metaphorically) phase. And to finish off a pleasant weekend, Luke & I made pizzas & watched Daria with cups of tea!

Weekend Delights pt. one

Once again my indolence continues, so I'll have a two part 'weekend delights' for the past two weekends.

Last weekend Ju (my mother) & I had a couple of adventures; Saturday we made a trip to Spotlight for material, scissors, & things for my sisters 'crazy booth' for her wedding. I've been collecting buttons now for about 3 years, and I intend on making a button collection display. This display shall entail sauce jars that are all the same size etc (Masterfoods Green Tomato Relish to be exact!), and the buttons sorted right & proper into their colour groups, with nice material on the lids - see below, all bundled up like your great grandmother would have decorated her batch of jams for presents. In Spotlight last Saturday I fell in love with the most amazing fabric your eyes could see. It was a row of cats & kittens perched up on a picket fence gazing at butterflies, having the time of their lives! I bought some to put in frames, because if there is anything I am absolutely certain of, it is that I would like to look at that fabric in a frame every day for some time. I also purchased some other really sweet fabric for the jar lids.

Our Sunday adventure was to a junk type warehouse place in Erina, that houses hopeless trinkets and hidden delights. I previously purchased scarves & femme neck bows there a couple of weeks ago. I bought another bundle of buttons, a ball/racket game so Luke & I could be little lovers in the backyard, pillow cases that I could have bought at a garage sale from a deceased estate and a zebra paper towel holder that I am smitten with!