Friday, December 28, 2012

A Quiet Christmas

I can't believe Christmas has been and gone already! My family had a low key kind of Christmas this year. I have a big extended family and every year we take turns in having Christmas at each families house, but this year everyone did their own thing. This year it was a wet & cold Christmas, which is the complete opposite of what this time of the year is generally like here in Australia. Our day started off early so we could go to my parents house and all have breakfast together before Luke had to go to work. It was my favourite kind of breakfast - fluffy pancakes, soaked muesli & fruit. Afterwards we had our present opening session, and we got lots of of cute things for our baby. My sister bought us a baby mat in the shape of a ginger cat, which was by far my favourite thing! Luke & I bought ourselves a joint present this year, we got a Wii & the James Bond movie box set. 

After presents I took Luke to work and went home and made a salad, tidied up and stocked up on some movies and went back to my parents house. When I got there we had cups of tea + Christmas cake and watched a movie all wrapped up in throw rugs. I fell asleep and when I woke up it was lunch time. While everyone else had seafood, my Mum made me a Mexican bean pie. After lunch we watched another movie and started a game of cards while we waited for Luke to finish work. He finished around 5pm and while he ate his Christmas lunch my brother-in-law set up the Wii and they played Mario Kart. My parents neighbours came over for dinner, and some of my parents friends did also, so while they were having drinks outside, things got heated inside over an intense game of Phase Ten between Luke, my sister Ash, my brother-in-law Allan & myself. Tantrums were thrown, and apologies were said!

All up it was a nice, quiet Christmas with my family. And I'm guessing its going to be our last quiet one for a while! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Santa was good to you!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Half Way

This week I passed the half way mark of my pregnancy! The first twelve weeks went at a snails pace, but luckily the past six weeks have just flown by. I have been really lucky not to have experienced any morning sickness, and can safely say the two times I have spewed have been a result of me freaking out about swallowing tablets. I have had a couple of migraines and some minor heartburn, but I will happily settle for those rather than a daily session face first in the toilet. We're finding out the sex the day after Boxing Day, despite being told by various people it is one of the greatest surprises in life. I can't wait to find out so we can then start getting cute little outfits and start getting organised for this exciting change. My Mum bought me these white knitted booties for our little winter baby. I've got them on my bed side table and they are just the most delightful thing to see first thing in the morning!

On a different note, lately blogger has been reverting my published posts to drafts, which is super annoying. Does this happen to anybody else? 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Start Your Week Off With..

There are so many creative and festive DIY's being featured on so many creative and delightful blogs the past couple of days, I just wish I had the time to do some of them! I am a little shocked that December has officially passed the halfway mark, and Christmas is less than two weeks away. The ladies that own the cafe I work at decided to open up another business recently (as in two weeks ago!) and have been rushing around like crazy trying to pull off their own Christmas miracle. In two weeks they were given the go ahead to take over an abandoned business a block down from the cafe, have new contracts drawn up, paint and furnish the shop, and source equipment. So while they have been organising their new venture, I've been working almost everyday. Which has been a pretty lovely distraction because my clothes are starting to get a little snug as my baby bump is starting to show now! Trying on various different outfits and finding most of them no longer work is a little defeating, so I'm quite happy to be wearing my work clothes for now! 

Have a great little week!  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun Fact: I Hated Flowers Until Recently

Until recently I hated flowers. Although the majority of my dresses have a floral print, and I have a fine collection of floral material that I have bought over the years, because I love the look of flowers in print and illustration. I just never got around to appreciating actual flowers. I do believe I even once told Luke when we first started dating that I didn't want him to ever buy them for me. However, during the year I've started to let go of certain things I had a strong aversion to, and have found myself making comments on the colours of flowers. Now, Luke isn't the most perceptive person but when it comes to me making comments about what I like/want/don't like he pays attention and this is one of the reasons why he is the absolute best gift giver! I have like/want/don't like verbal diarrhoea, and especially so in the first three months of my pregnancy. I was constantly saying I wanted things like bagels or a lemon tart, and I would come home from work and Luke would have spent his day off making them for me.

So when Luke started to hear my flower comments he made a note to buy them for me for my birthday. And the night before my birthday I was having cups of tea with my Mum and I told her I was going to be slightly disappointed if Luke didn't buy me flowers for my birthday (and yes I know I am unreasonable sometimes!). And I had to work on my birthday so Luke thought it would be a nice surprise to have flowers sent to my work. However when I came home from work empty handed, Luke got really flustered and told me what he had planned. It turns out the florist had wrote the wrong date down, and I won't lie I was a little disappointed upon hearing it. My Mum's birthday is two days after mine, so my Sister Ash came over for the weekend to see us both and she did not come empty handed. Along with some BB cream + Kora's Rose Hip Body Oil, there was a lovely bunch of orange floral delights for me! The universe clearly wanted me to convert me, and now I totally get the appeal of a receiving a bunch of flowers!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Start Your Week Off With..

The past week has just flown by! Last week it was mine and my Mum's birthdays, and they came just as quickly as they passed and now the next thing is Christmas. I cannot believe that it will be here in just two weeks. The weeks just seem to be passing so quickly lately that I can't keep up with everything. I'm now beginning to understand the benefits of scheduling posts.
Have a great week!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today I turned 24. My day started off at 5.30am with banana pancakes, mango cheeks and cups of tea prepared by Luke while I was getting ready for work. We had breakfast together, a ritual that we often do not get to enjoy together. I went to work at 7 am, and had a rather pleasant day despite working on my birthday. When I got home Luke & I had cups of tea and scones for afternoon tea, which was followed by a foot massage and a quick cat nap. After a couple of birthday calls from my family, we popped over to my parents house for home made pizza, ginger beer and birthday cake. My parents bought me a Kindle for my birthday, which was a total surprise! My birthday present from Luke awaits me in Sydney, which is where we shall be going tomorrow for city adventures and a lunch date. All up, it was a lovely, low key birthday.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Start Your Week Off With..

Lately I haven't been able to read as many new blogs as I would like to, or comment on and read my favourites. I've been allocating what little spare time I've had the past week to working my way through the illustrations I have been commissioned to do in time for Christmas. During the week when I finished a couple of illustrations, I treated myself to some tea & cookies during a power blog reading session. I came across three new blogs this week that I am delighted to share with you all. I cannot get enough of Erica from Caught On A Whim, each of her posts is just as delightful as the last and I'm excited to be swapping buttons with her this month. If you're looking for a new lady to love with some fresh DIY's, then Erica is your lady! I also came across Veggie Table, a lifestyle blog about a couple and their furry third wheel, and Polka Dots & Whiskers, which is written by a young lady who lives in Newcastle. I was a Novocastrian for four years, so it is always exciting to come across bloggers that live close to home. 

Have a great little week!