Friday, July 11, 2014

This Week

I took my new sewing skills up a notch and made a scatter cushion cover for a friend
It was mine & Luke's 5th wedding anniversary
We celebrated our five years with a five course dinner
Romy kicked her ball around outside all week
And we spent most of our mornings and afternoons outside
On Thursday Romy slept in until 9 am (!!!) & we had a late breakfast at a new favourite bakery

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Style / Corners

When decorating a space the corners can sometimes be the hardest part to work with. When you put certain pieces of furniture in them they can close the rooms flow and often sit awkwardly. I have been guilty in the past of just keeping bookcases and such in the corners because I didn't have the foresight to move them over a little and put something next to them to open up the space a little more. Corners don't have to be The Challenge in decorating your home and creating a dynamic space.
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Friday, July 4, 2014

The First Half Is Over

So far this year Luke & I have given ourselves a taste of giving old furniture a second run with a fresh coat of paint. We made cocktail jugs up on Sunday afternoons throughout summer. We spent more time outside together having afternoon picnics & playing in the park. We moved to Newcastle & our new place has a perfectly functioning oven so now I bake sweet treats and make an effort with dinner. Romy turned one! I cut off my ponytail that I rapidly grew during my pregnancy. Romy & I went to the Gold Coast for a Mother Daughter Weekend with my family. We celebrated a friends engagement (together AND on a Saturday night, which is an obscenely rare thing to do with Luke). My friend Ally & I have started a little side project together that has kept me busy for weeks now. And my mum started teaching me how to sew. 

It didn't feel so long ago that I was thinking just how different things would be half way through the year. Well, it is now halfway through the year, and things are most definitely different to how they were from January, and last July seems like a lifetime (too dramatic?) ago. When I look back on the past six months I feel like I have wasted a lot of the year & that is something I want to keep in mind for the last half of the year -  to keep focus and not waste copious amounts of precious time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello July!

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2014 seems to just be passing me by! It is now officially the middle of the year and I have to shake that 'new year' feeling that I usually cling on to for as long as I can. I spent most of June quite focused working on new illustrations for a side project with a friend, and while I was really inspired with my illustrations I struggled to find/make the time to post on here. And I didn't even feel bad about it. Prior to moving back to Newcastle I was posting quite regularly and putting a lot of my creative energy into blogging and not a lot into drawing or design. So for me, June was spent sorting out my priorities and I'm feeling really positive about it. I don't want to keep saying to myself 'oh, I'll do that later', because later keeps getting pushed back farther and farther. And you know what they say - "it's later than you think". 

This month I want to read two books, draw four illustrations, try out a new dinner recipe, bake a fruit loaf, post three times a week, print photos from the last few months & spruce up our blanket box with a coat of paint.