Friday, April 27, 2012

Deer Jumper

I recently bought this amazing deer jumper from the second hand store next to my work. I saw the ladies redressing their window mannequins and the second they finished, I ran into the store and bought it. The day I bought it there was a 20% sale off everything in the store, and because I work next door I got a further 10%, so I ended up paying $15 for it! Definitely my best thrift purchase so far! 

Also, I did a little guest post over on Lazy Explorers blog this week, go check it out!


  1. oh my, i was going to post the EXACT SAME comment as lazy explorers above. but i'll do it anyway.


  2. My boyfriend would LOVE to see me come home in a sweater like that. That's amazing. haha

  3. Holy cuteness!! I've been wanting this cute sweater with a fox head on it really bad. Yours just reminded me of it and now I want to scour my local thrift store. :)
    Lucky you on your good deal, too! That never happens to me. lol

  4. are you kidding me!?! I love it! Great find!

  5. i'm not even going to lie... i am so jealous of you right now. so cute.

  6. K so yeah. In love with this jumper. Good find lady!


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