Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Invitations

Today most of my family is in Bali for my cousin Mandy's wedding. Earlier in the year I mentioned that I was working on some wedding invitations that I never got around to sharing. These invitations were a lot of fun to design, and were not usually my 'style' of designing so they were also a real challenge. Mandy is an effortless creative with really fantastic ideas (if she had her own blog it would be an overnight hit), and her 'travel' themed wedding is going to be amazing. Mandy & her partner Ben travel a lot, and Ben is a pilot - hence their theme. The wedding invitation was inspired by the Australian passport with the identification page displaying all the official details of the wedding. Their wedding logo is two lady beetles that is explained on the second page of the invite with a cutesy poem which Mandy's sister Sophie wrote. She also wrote a couple of other little poems to dress up your standard information. Mandy wanted the passport invitation to be a keep sake and have an accompanying form of invite that you could rsvp with. For this part of the invite a boarding pass was the inspiration - which I thought was absolutely brilliant! Another really neat aspect to this wedding package was the little business card which you could hand to your taxi driver and it has the wedding venues directions on the back in Balinese. I'm really excited to see photos from the wedding as Luke & I weren't able to go as Romy's due date was the 21st of May. As sad as I am that I can't be there today, it's nothing a big bear hug from my daughter won't fix!


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  2. oh wow, very creative and really cute. I haven't gotten around to choosing/coming up with a design for my own wedding. A friend of mine did a passport design for her wedding invitations too, but I think your cousin's wedding invitation looks much cuter and more personalized.

  3. I love your invitation but dont forget the Wedding Invitation Wording is just as important as the card. Once again, awesome work.

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