Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Daughter - The Early Bird!

Today was Romy's due date. However, my little darling decided to be an early bird and arrive on the 21st of April instead of May. These past three weeks at home together feel as though they have just flown by. In the first couple of days it felt as though the days were dragging because something on my body was constantly hurting or uncomfortable. But now that things are starting to recover nicely the days are almost over before they even start. Our days together vary slightly, but we're starting to form our own routine. We've made a couple of trips out and about together, and I'm starting to get the hang of working a pram so in no time we'll be having our own little adventures together. It is absolutely crazy to think that I would be getting ready to have her soon, when really she has already been here a whole month! Her tear ducts are working, she has started to make the most adorable grunting noises, she can hold her head up on her own, she smiles in her sleep, she has started to roll and almost needs a hair band for her little mullet! Even though we were caught unprepared, we were pretty lucky to have been given this extra head start!


  1. such a gorgeous girl!
    Oh, I remember the days of trying to work my pram. I can only imagine the chuckles onlookers must have had at my expense hahaha

    1. Unpacking it from the car for the first time was a night mare! Even when they are branded as 'easy to unfold' they still are a challenge at first! So embarrassing!


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