Friday, May 31, 2013

Adiós May!

When the new year clicked over I was so excited for the first half of the year to just fly by so I could meet my daughter. Not only did she arrive a month early, but as of this weekend she'll be 6 weeks old! This year really has flown by for me, it is almost hard to believe that tomorrow it will be June & the first day of Winter. May for me was spent watching a lot of Desperate Housewives & eating breakfast for lunch as I get used to my stay at home routine with a newborn. This past week I've been feeling well enough to go to the shops and look at all the pretty things I've been cut off from for months. While I was pregnant I didn't buy any new dresses, so the day I ended my dress drought was a very happy one!  I also went to my first mothers group, parked in the parents with prams section, went out for dinner for the first time in ages while my Mum babysat & I have made a couple of trips to the shops by myself with Romy. May started out quite low key, but the last half of it was filled with house visits and lots of firsts for my little family! I'm looking forward to feeling 100% in the following weeks and taking Romy out to do more exciting things!

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  1. 6 weeks already?? Time really flies when you're having fun! Enjoy these precious moments. She'll be all grown up before you know it!


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