Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Baby Shower

I never got around to posting about my fantastic baby shower because I was waiting to get the photos off my Aunty's camera as she was the 'official photographer'. And to keep me busy while I wait for the photos, Romy thought she would come early! Exactly one week after my baby shower my baby was born 5 weeks early, so it was lucky I chose that weekend and not the one after! The only photos I have from the shower are a handful of photos my sister took on my iPhone. It was such a fantastic afternoon, my Sister & Mum did an amazing job! I was especially impressed as the night before my parents threw a surprise 80th birthday party for my Granny and my they made all of the food for that and then my shower the next afternoon. My Sister made giant pom pom decorations and handed out little cards for everyone to fill out with wishes for Romy and advice for me. All of the sweet treats were miniature, and all the flowers were fresh and placed in cute jars everywhere. The cucumber + cream cheese sandwiches were cut into cute little circles and the egg sandwiches were cut into heart shapes. There were bowls of punch and a selection of T2 teas at the tea station. I got to catch up with some old friends I hadn't seen in ages, and see my family before they all set off to my cousin's wedding in Bali. Romy was absolutely spoilt with all of her presents, and we got lots of practical things too. Luke & I hadn't got around to getting every day things like towels and face washers, so we were pretty lucky to have those things gifted to us considering days later she arrived! It was such a fantastic afternoon and I can't wait for everyone to now meet her!


  1. What a fun and colorful baby shower! I hope your little one is doing super!

  2. The baby shower looks lovely, a fab table display and you're all looking so pretty and colourful! As you say, it was lucky that you chose to have it that weekend instead of the next, hope you're both doing well and congrats!

    louisejoyb x

  3. Looks like such a lovely baby shower! And your dress is gorgeous :)

  4. looks gorgeous and just in time! Can't wait till mine!

  5. What a lovely looking baby shower! Wish I could have been there. :P haha! xx

  6. Awww you mommies are sure gorgeous and stunning! I love the decorations and of course the goodies, they look so yummy!

    Congratz on your baby and hugs,
    Romina @ Easyday


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