Thursday, November 22, 2012

Story Time With Chestnut Mocha

Today Katie & Ben from Chestnut Mocha are sharing their delightful story behind one of their favourite photographs. As soon as I finished reading this gem, I had to read it again because I loved it so much & I couldn't stop smiling! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
*   *   *   *   *
This is a photo of Katie in Montana, taken by Ben when she was far away.
Ben went to school in Bozeman, Montana. I studied Hotel Management in Russia and went to Montana for an internship for two summers in a row. Ben and I might have met earlier, but the first time I came to Bozeman, Ben was studying abroad in France. We finally met on my second summer and became really good friends. When the summer was over, I went back to university in Russia and Ben (who had just finished university) went to South Korea to teach English to kindergarteners.  Just after he arrived there, I had a chance to take a trip to visit him.  We had a really good time, and although it was a little crazy, we started dating long distance, visiting when we could.  There were long spaces of time between our visits and it was really hard to miss each other so much. As soon as his teaching contract in Korea ended, Ben moved to Russia to be with me, but after just a couple of months, he had to go home to the US for six weeks to get a new work visa.  We had spent so much time apart that even the short trip was a wrench. While waiting for his documents in Idaho, he took a trip to Montana and brought this photo of me along. He posted this picture on Facebook and wrote: "Thanks for coming with me :-* " This April, three years after meeting each other, we got married. We moved to the US in June and took a trip back to Montana. We took new photos in the same place, this time together. 
Thank you Katie & Ben for sharing this little sweetheart of a story!

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  1. i really love their story. they are such a lovely couple and i love hearing stores of love and happiness like that

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // shabby apple gift card giveaway!

  2. So Sweet and dear to my heart I am currently living in Indonesia and my husband is still in the States..


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