Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Start Your Week Off With..

I'm sure you've all started your week off just fine by now, so here are some posts to enjoy on your Tuesday afternoon! I had such a great start to the week, I spent yesterday morning reading with cups of tea, thrifted some great pieces of clothing before lunch, visited my parents for afternoon lemonades, and made a quinoa dish for dinner. Mermaiden's thrifting tips definitely inspired me to make the most out of my day off and I'm so glad because I'm still excited over what I bought. I can't wait to share my purchases on here in the next few days. Have a great week! 


  1. Eeep thank you for including me Lauren! I will be looking forward to hearing about your discoveries <3 <3

  2. i love that you do these posts- it's so fun to find other bloggers out there!

    very cute new design!!

    andrea brionne

  3. Thank-you so much for including me Lauren!! And the new design is so cute :)


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