Friday, November 30, 2012

A Recent Custom Portrait

Late last week I finished up this custom illustration for the loveliest lady, Edie. She is a customer at my work and a couple of months ago she asked me about one of my tattoos and the conversation led to how I studied graphic design and love drawing custom portraits of people. So for her son's birthday she was putting together a photo book of all the travelling they have done together and this illustration is going to be on the cover of the book. I think it is going to be such a sweet gift and I can't wait to hear about it when she gets home from giving it to him. Edie & her son are from California, so it is also exciting to think that one of my illustrations will find a home half way across the world! 


  1. That is amazing! What a gorgeous story and picture to match. You are so talented Lauren!

  2. this looks awesome! you have talent girl :)

  3. That's such a fun gift idea. You did a great job contributing to the project!

  4. Hi love! Thanks for your comment on my post! Damn thing wouldn't let me reply back! Gahhhh. We are close to Darby street actually. Some people are so damn selfish hey!? Oh well, we've bought ear plugs now haha!
    Love your blog and your gorgeous illustrations! Nice to find someone on here close to home :)
    I've followed. xx

  5. Woah, great illustration! What program do you use? I bet that's pretty rewarding seeing your work go to a new home across the world :)


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