Monday, November 5, 2012

Start Your Week Off With..

I had the loveliest little Monday off work with Luke today. The past week or so I've been getting up early each morning for work, and luckily my body clock didn't fail me this morning. I avoided checking the time because I didn't want to know if it was after 10 am, which is generally the case when Luke & I have days off together. Lucky it wasn't, and it was a nice sunny day outside to wake up to. We went for breakfast at this gorgeous new breakfast & lunch restaurant The Lakehouse. The interior is a perfect mixture of natural woods, creamy whites, fresh flowers, old fashioned jars, sweet treats & natural light over looking the lake. After breakfast we made a quick trip to the shops where I got a long summery dress and some cds. Our trip was cut short as we had to attend a house viewing because our current lease ends in a couple of weeks. If there is one thing I am sick of doing it is moving. Luke & I are being extra picky this time around as we intend on staying at our next place for as long as possible to avoid the constant hassle we bring upon ourselves once a year. Anyway, check out these bad boys - theres a dinner idea, birthday drooling, something to read and the cutest couple + the cutest cat doing their own lunch thing. Enjoy!


  1. What a nice day off! Good luck with the house hunt =) x

  2. mmm, veg chilli. Sounds great! Going to check that out now.

    <3 Melissa

  3. I love that you do these posts.
    You always direct me to awesome stuff I miss.

  4. Great pictures! Especially the first one!
    xoxo Grace

  5. yummmmm...i love vegetarian chili. checking that out!


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