Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Read Your Book In Bed/Easy Photo Editing

For a while now I've been lusting after a wooden tea tray, and at the start of this week I found one I liked enough to introduce to my tea drinking paraphernalia. It was broken in quite purposefully today, which was an especially cold and reading-a-book-in-bed afternoon. 
One of my goals this year was to make more of an effort/spark my interest with photoshop, so I tried out a super duper easy photo editing tutorial to give your photos a vintage feel. 
  1. Open your desired photo in photoshop
  2. Set colour palette foreground colour # value to ff0000, and background colour # value to 00ff00
  3. Duplicate layer
  4. Select new layer, & select Gradient Map in Images>Adjustments
  5. Select layer>Layer Style>Blending Options. In pop up box set blend mode to colour and opacity to 50%
  6. Flatten image
  7. Add noise filter by selecting Filter>Noise>Add Noise, set amount to 2%, select distribution as Gaussian & tick the monochromatic box
  8. Done!
I played around and adjusted the tone and contrast levels on my image afterwards. For a more detailed step by step explanation click here. Alternatively, you could just use instagram!


  1. Love the tutorial!

    I should really dig my tray out- I fancy breakfast in bed!

  2. Thanks! Dig it out!
    Such a great buy, I'm definitely going to be using this a lot over winter!

  3. What book are you reading? I need a new book.

    1. I was reading one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I started the first book like 3 years ago and haven't ever finished the series so I thought I would this year. If you haven't read them, I would suggest them for easy reading.

  4. One, I was going to ask what you were reading, but I see Jazz already has ;)
    Two, I love your tea pot!


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