Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Things: Necklaces + Dress

While picking up some things for a diy I wanted to try, I walked past Lovisa and saw their 3 for 2 sale on at the moment and decided I needed some new necklaces. Every time I go to the shops I almost always leave with a new pair of earrings, and as a result have neglected my necklace collection. For a couple of weeks I've been thinking about buying a bunting flag necklace with pastel coloured triangles and I found the exact one I had in mind! Whenever I go to the shops with something exact in mind, I never find it, so I was pretty fracking excited yesterday. I wanted to get some new things that I wouldn't normally wear, like the wooden block necklace. I picked the Peter Pan collar necklace first, and only when I got home and tried them on did I realise that I don't really know what I'll wear it with. So give me suggestions!
I've had such good luck lately with bulking out my dress collection and this week the streak continued! I buy a lot of dresses that I love the look of, regardless of our compatibility, and end up 'saving' them for a good potential occasion, or never having worn them to date. But lately I've been able to talk myself out of such purchases and focus on practical everyday/weather appropriate dresses. I don't have many long sleeved dresses and with the fast approaching cold weather I will need to change that. I love that the bottom stripy part of the dress puffs out as well, and its super comfortable. I wore it last night out on a dinner date with my friend Holly. 


  1. Oh my gosh I love the bunting necklace! I've been looking for one too but in silver and am so close to just making my own. With the peter pan collar necklace maybe a collar-less top, or even better a dress!


  2. Looove bunting necklaces! So sweet :)

  3. eee! the bunting necklace is adorable!

  4. I adore those necklaces! The second and third one are my faves! What great finds! :)

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