Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Customer Sat On My Foot

I'm not recounting my favourite episode of Jerry Springer. This actually happened.
Thursday at work we were super duper busy being Australia Day & all. I went to take an order from a customer, and stood in the only space I could - behind her chair. When she heard me she stood a little to adjust her chair to look at me directly and sat the chair back down on my foot. I asked her 'could you please get up you're on my foot', completely unfazed and unapologetic she moved her chair. I also moved my foot back and she put her chair down on my shoe AGAIN, and I quickly lifted my foot and my shoe ripped. 
It was all kinds of awesome. For the remaining five hours of my shift, my shoe basically had a mouth. It was also a gloomy, wet day so my little toes got wet (and dirty). 


  1. Oh no!
    I hate when something ruins my shoes.
    I am ridiculous attached to my shoes...

  2. Aaaaw!! I'm SO sorry!! :/ That is no fun and I can't believe she didn't apologize at all! Poor Lauren. Poor Lauren's shoes. :(

  3. Oh dear - ouchie!! How could she not apologize, yikes. Those shoes were super cute too!

  4. Oh geez! What a jerk, she could have at least apologized...and bought you new shoes!

  5. Oh no! What a douchey customer! Where do you work? Can't believe she didn't apologise! :(

  6. Ahhh this does not sound like a fun situation whatsoever! :( Hate when something, or more specifically SOMEONE, ruins a good shoe!

  7. Oh my goodness! Owwww! She didn't even apologize? Jeeze. My first instinct would have been to punch her in the head. Haha

    She also owes you new shoes. =]


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