Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beach Burrito

Yesterday Luke & I ventured into the city to have lunch at Beach Burrito in Newtown, and to pick up a (late!) birthday present for Luke from this amazing store called Holy Kitsch which is also in Newtown. Beach Burrito was pretty amazing, Luke had fish tacos and I had vegetarian chilli fries. The menus were the most amazing part though because of their colourful artworks. Afterwards we strolled along King Street and looked at books & all kinds of pretty things before we had some afternoon coffees. 

Also earlier this month I got a Secret Santa package from Croatia which I was so excited about! Only A Flight Away hosted a Secret Santa blog swap just before Christmas and you were paired up with a fellow blogger to buy a present. I was paired with Dolly from Unicorns, Heels & American Dreams . Click here to see what I sent her!
floral bow necklace, nail polish, Croatian hanging heart, tea.

Also, during the week my sister & brother in law made a fleeting visit to my parents house before they had a dinner date with friends. They had quick birthday drinks with Luke, and with the top half of a bin my parents repurposed I got the best photo of my brother in law Allan. 
And just quietly...
...look how big this banana is! 
You could almost make an entire loaf of banana bread out of this single bad boy.


  1. Holy cow look at that banana! but really, vegetarian chilly fries?! yum.

  2. I FINALLY got your blog button up! A million bajillion quadrillion bermillion fabillion apologies for not posting it sooner! I just get intimidated by not getting the HTML code.. Had to figure it all out.. I stink at that sort of thing! Anyway! Thanks for making a button for mine! Seriously! BIG TIME THANKS Lauren!

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS That IS a huuuuuge banana!

  3. oh jesus look at that
    banana! lets make banana nut
    bread for the whole block!

    i am beyond happy you got
    your Secret Santa present!
    looks really cute ... congrats!

    Melina ♥

  4. I need those chilli fries in my belly!!!

  5. go on, make that amazing loaf of banana bread!


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