Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can We Sit In Your Truck?

Today at work a couple came in for some afternoon teas and coffees. They own a big old fashioned fire engine truck that they use for parties, events etc. And they were driving it today, and it was parked right in front of the cafe where we could see. The other waitress that was working today, Bridget, asked if we could take photos sitting in their 'fun engine', which they were totally up for! It was a pretty funny way to end the working week. 

Luke & I didn't really get up to much this week because we've both been working, and on his days off I worked. Although on Tuesday we had the day together and we went to see The Muppets movie early in the morning which was ah-mazing! The little kids at the cinemas were super duper funny with their reactions to the movie, and their singing! I also had a little date on Friday night with my mum to watch The Descendants.

Luke & I are going to have a couple of drinks to finish our Sunday off and watch the mens final in the Australian Open. Fingers crossed for Novak!
I hope you all had a great little week!

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