Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Am I

Luke spent Wednesday evening in Newcastle, and I crossed another book off my 'must read' list. When he got home Thursday afternoon we decided our evening would be a movie & pizza night. We hired 'Suckerpunch' & 'Red Riding Hood'; was not a fan of 'Suckerpunch'. I was however, a bit smitten with 'Red Riding Hood'. Put that on the dvd wish list! Luke & I watched 'Red Riding Hood' with our hoods on, they were not however red.

And Friday evening we went to see a 'You Am I' gig. I've seen them a handful of times before, but it was Luke's first time. He randomly saw one of his old highschool friends from Gunnedah working doing the sound stuff. It was a pretty neat gig. It's always nice to see Australian bands & having people whip their hurr back and fourth!

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