Saturday, August 27, 2011


Over the past couple of weeks I have acquired a couple of cute presents from various places around the world from my family. I guess I have pretty defined tastes in treats & every day fancy, as all of the gifts are colourful & bright!

My cousin Kate bought me the Himalayan Felt coin purse, which excites me to no end as I currently have an obsession with felt ball creations. Happiness comes in the form of a felt ball mat . She picked that bad boy up out in the country where I grew up, in Gunnedah. It was definitely a nice surprise!

The four buttons and lady beetles were from my aunty Sharon, who recently went on an around the world type cruise holiday. She brought all of my cousins back some hand crafted goodness from Prague. Mine was in the form of a lady beetle necklace and matching bracelet. They are so fracking adorable! The buttons are also from Prague, they were designed and crafted by a local artist, and intended for my button collection. She knows exactly the things I like!

My sister Ashleigh recently arrived home from her Hawaiian honeymoon, and she didn't return empty handed! She picked me up a cute-as-all-get-out necklace of a bunny xylophonist character! I am so in love with it! And to keep in with the animal theme, she picked up some cute character pegs with cute little 'pick me ups' on them. When I set up a desk, its going to be so adorable with similar assortments.

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