Monday, August 1, 2011


Luke & I made a lovely little trip to Sydney for the weekend where we had lots of little friend adventures. Friday we made our way to Newtown & stopped off at Corelli's, a lovely vegetarian friendly cafe that is always so busy because its so super awesome. They serve the biggest plate of waffles you've ever seen! We stopped off for a late lunch, as tempting as the giant waffles were!

After we had lunch, we fetched some weekend essentials (whiskey, pepsi & a lady beetle mask), went to our dwelling & settled in with some pre-drinks before we ventured to The Factory to see 'Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan'. It was such an amazing gig! Isobel Campbell is such a babe, with a voice like creamed honey. Unfortunately I had one whiskey too many & couldn't get any good photos.

Saturday we slept in & missed our window for a leisurely breakfast, so we stopped by a bakery for spinach rolls & take away coffees as we dashed to the train station. We made our way to Redfern to visit the 'Tea Parlour', which was such a dream! I had the best time, it was the best date I've been on! We had high tea, well, a low brow version of it that was just as dreamy! There was pecan pie, vanilla slice, lemon slice, rocky road, scones with jam & cream & cucumber sandwiches! It was all so super cute.

After we had high tea, we strolled around the city in search of sunglasses so I could see, as it was such a lovely, sunny day. After we completed our sunglasses mission, we city dwelled a little longer & then went back to Newtown. As we were waiting for a train, we bumped into some Newcastle friends, Loz & Adrian, who we hadn't seen since our friends wedding at the start of the year. It was a lovely surprise, however, it did make me miss Newcastle even more than I do. Oh, nostalgia.

We walked along King Street in search of the T2 store, and perused many a trendy stationery stores. We picked up some French Earl Grey & Madagascan Vanilla loose leaf tea. I am so excited to brew some up! And to finish off our lovely day, we had dinner at Corridor -  which is amazing! The food was so delicious, I had a beetroot+feta risotto, and Luke had some porky looking thing that he inhaled. They also serve some pretty tasty cocktails too!

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Chill Cafe, which served gigantic breakfasts. Sometime big is not always better though. During breakfast our luscious friend Dean, a Newtown local, was keen for some coffee & catch-ups so we got some take away lattes & sat in the sunny park. We hadn't seen Dean in months as he's a hectic business woman on the run these days!

After that our weekend ended as we came home. Sigh.

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