Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Delights pt.2

This weekend was quiet a lovely couple of days from a not very nice week.

Friday was a little hectic at work as we were finishing up a competition with prize money, so everyone had hyper spirits and mite. It was actually kind of fun. I came third & picked up a cute $40. My luscious friend Lara was bursting at the seems with gossip & called me mid afternoon to share, which brightened my day considerably. I could go into a whole gourmet gossip session & spill milk on it, but I think thats a little tacky almost. The most important thing though, is that I drove home with the nicest taste in my mouth!

I had a dinner date with Ninny, we had a nice spicy batch of minestrone & baked vegetables & a quick catch up before I had to dash off to pick Lara up from work. We had a cute little sleepover in her new house, with her new little kitten Kernel, some delightful cocktails & a funny drive around Newcastle. In the morning Lara had to clean her old house, and I had breakfast with my friend Elisa, who drips cuteness. We had our date at this new cafe on Darby Street. I thought it was going to be more ridiculous than it was. They had the nicest dinning table that was a bright pastel beach blue with bright red chairs. I've made a mental note for my future dinning set. And afterwards met up with Lara again for coffee.

Afterwards, I made my way home in a tiresome state, and had cups of tea with my sister & Ju. And finally broke in my 'Daria' boxset & finished my Saturday off with a big nap.

Sunday I neglected to sleep in like I really wanted to, and awoke to do washing & have cups of tea with my family. I went to the shops to exchange a plain black skirt, for another plain black skirt, look for a new handbag, and spend more money I should be saving. I found a bag that is just right, but might be a little too small. But I think that could also be a win as I tend to let my bag house unnecessary things, eg. paper toilet seat covers. I finalllllly got myself a much needed pirate patch! At last I lashed out and picked one up for a whole dollar! And, a zebra face mask!! I'm going through a mask (literally, not metaphorically) phase. And to finish off a pleasant weekend, Luke & I made pizzas & watched Daria with cups of tea!

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