Friday, July 8, 2011

Wednesday + Thursday

Wednesday it was mine & Luke's wedding anniversary, two years hurrah! Luke got up early and made me a lovely little breakfast - savory pancakes with scrambled eggs & coffee. It was such a nice way to start my day, especially considering I don't usually have breakfast with Luke. We went to La Costa for dinner, which was really nice, I would definitely recommend dinning there. We got Vegetarian pizza, and cheese gnocchi. After dinner we had vodka drinks & watched 'Angry Boys'. It was a super cute little evening.

And Thursday Luke had the day off also and we went to a 'relaxation yogo' class. It was interesting and super funny. Ju's been going the last couple of months, and this week worked out for us so we went. It was a really small class of four, which was nice. The class was so relaxing, and breathing focused. The last ten minutes of the class we had to lay down and focus our attention and energy onto each part of our bodies as she spoke us through it. As she started to softly speak, one of the others in the class fell asleep!!! I had to use every part of my existence to try and have some self control, which I lack in high quantities. It was the most awkward ten minutes I've had in ages. Girlfriend was snoring! As soon as Luke & I got in the car we lost our shit & burst into laughter. We had Thai for dinner afterwards, I had the most amazing satay vegetables. I'm such a fiend for satay.

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