Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Delights pt. one

Once again my indolence continues, so I'll have a two part 'weekend delights' for the past two weekends.

Last weekend Ju (my mother) & I had a couple of adventures; Saturday we made a trip to Spotlight for material, scissors, & things for my sisters 'crazy booth' for her wedding. I've been collecting buttons now for about 3 years, and I intend on making a button collection display. This display shall entail sauce jars that are all the same size etc (Masterfoods Green Tomato Relish to be exact!), and the buttons sorted right & proper into their colour groups, with nice material on the lids - see below, all bundled up like your great grandmother would have decorated her batch of jams for presents. In Spotlight last Saturday I fell in love with the most amazing fabric your eyes could see. It was a row of cats & kittens perched up on a picket fence gazing at butterflies, having the time of their lives! I bought some to put in frames, because if there is anything I am absolutely certain of, it is that I would like to look at that fabric in a frame every day for some time. I also purchased some other really sweet fabric for the jar lids.

Our Sunday adventure was to a junk type warehouse place in Erina, that houses hopeless trinkets and hidden delights. I previously purchased scarves & femme neck bows there a couple of weeks ago. I bought another bundle of buttons, a ball/racket game so Luke & I could be little lovers in the backyard, pillow cases that I could have bought at a garage sale from a deceased estate and a zebra paper towel holder that I am smitten with!

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