Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bamboo Buddha

Last Saturday two of my lovely friends came to visit, & we went out for coffee & lunch at one of my favourite places on the coast, Bamboo Buddha. It is such a tranquil environment, with a vegetarian menu. You sit outside amongst the fresh air, in this big open paved space with a rain forest setting. It is truly amazing. Despite the business name & above description, it is not a tacky, hippy shake cafe. We spent a few delightful hours there together, & then I wrote them directions & they were on their way. It was such a lovely morning.

(Georgia's absence from our date photography is not a measure of love, she wasn't feeling winter's wrath)

After lunch, I was Newcastle bound once again to have drinks with Ninny. We had an amazing Indian dish, drank punch & whiskey, went to the pub & danced, came home to a bowl of corn relish dip & the comforts of Kyle's bedroom where our night ended. Kyle & Ninny are my favourite people to drink with!

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