Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Friday I looked after these two cuties while their parents were at a wedding and we all went to the park. It was Romy's first park visit and she loved being in such a playful environment even though it was a windy afternoon.
Friday night I caught the train to Sydney to catch up with my cousins. It was my very first night away from Romy.
After I met up with Jay, we had a quick catch up and a cocktail in Newtown before we went back to his apartment to drink wine and get ready for our evening.
We went to Jay's friends birthday/halloween party where this ridiculously awesome halloween version of Miley on her wrecking ball decoration was hanging out the front. Jay's two younger sisters Emma & Olivia met us at the party and after a few pit stops we all went back to Jay's apartment and ended our night in the wee hours of the morning. After coffee, breakfast and a quick browse along King Street in Newtown I made my way home early Saturday afternoon. My parents had family friends staying for the weekend, & along with my sister, brother in law, my parents & their neighbours, we all had dinner together Saturday night.
And today I had my first shift back at the cafe. I'm not ready to go back to work full time, or even part time as I want to spend as much time with Romy as I can while she is still so little. So every second Sunday will do for now.
While I was at work, Romy spent the day with her Aunty Ash & Uncle Al. It has been a busy weekend in a really good way. I got to catch up with some family friends & my cousins, juggle three small children while getting organised to spend my first night away from Romy, see my sister for her birthday, and have a couple of days off from routine.

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